Jónsi ‘Boy Lilikoi’

The first the world heard of Sigur Rós was way back in 1997, by way of name drops from Radiohead, Chris Martin and Brad Pitt, the theme tune to a BBC1 wildlife show and a series of perfect majestic albums such as ‘Takk’ ‘()’ and ‘Með suð í eyrum við spilum endalaust.’ By now the Icelandic duo have finally become embedded into the public consciousness.

And now with eight heartbreaking albums under their belt, Jónsi the lead singer of Sigur Rós has decided to go it alone for a while: ‘Boy Lilikoi’ is his debut solo single. It has all the sugar coated ingredients that have made Sigur Rós one of the finest bands in existence, but with the unique twist of Jonsi singing in English (Sigur Rós vocals are in their own made-up language).

As one YouTuber perfectly summarizes...'that was one of those pieces of music where you enjoy it so much you wished you lived in it'.

'Boy Lilikoi' is a free download from jonsi.com now, with an album to follow early 2010. Let your heart strings be pulled apart but not torn by pressing play below.

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