Joss Stone tells critics to “f*** off!”

Joss Stone has told critics of her infamous appearance at the Brit Awards in 2007 (you know the one where she famously feigns a really fake and cringe-worthy American accent?) to “f*** off.” Apparently she was really 'hurt' by the criticism that followed it. All together now......DIDDUMS.

"People thought I lived in America” said the Devon born Stone to Digital Spy, “which I never did, but I spent a lot of time over there recording my albums so maybe it affected my accent. Who gives a f**k? England is my home and that's what hurt my feelings. England's meant to have my back. It was like going home and having my family say, 'F** off!'"

In the interview she also moans about the lack of support from her record company, blaming them for poor album sales in the UK; "The problem was that the record company cancelled all my promos after what happened. Literally every single interview was cancelled, and then they wondered why I didn't sell as well in England!"

Re-watch the Jesus F Christ moment from the Brit Awards for yourself below. WOW.

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