Julian Casablancas ‘11th Dimension’

Pete Doherty has often credited The Strokes as the reason he started a band; without them The Libertines may never have been. Whether you credit them or not for kickstarting his career, you can’t deny The Strokes have churned out a superb catalogue of indie floor fillers. Since their last album ‘First Impressions Of Earth’ every member of the hip New Yorker outfit has been busy exploring their own solo projects, and it was only a matter of time before the last member, Julian Casablancas jumped on the gravy train.

11th Dimension’ is the aperitif to The Strokes' lead singer’s first solo album ‘Phrazes For The Young.’ His lethergic vocal shiznit is all over it but replacing trademark Albert Hammond Jr’s guitar licks is an 80’s style revolving synth riff (ironic?). There are still enough melodic hooks in here to hang a stadium of ears on but will it be enough to satisfy The Strokes' faithful followers? Judging by the fans comments on his MySpace page (see the one about Julian’s eyes), then yes.

'Phrazes For The Young’ is out on the 19th October.

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