Just say ‘yes’ kids?

As the famous Robin William’s quote goes, ‘if you can remember the 60s then you probably weren’t there’. Although it was meant as an ironic take on the hedonistic days of drug taking and free love, there’s still a sense of truth behind it - just have a listen to the trippy music at the time.

Whether it was popping a pill in the sweaty clubs of Hamburg to stay awake on stage for another few hours, toking on a reefer in outer India to attempt to discover the meaning of life or dropping an LSD tab for inspiration, The Beatles weren’t adverse to taking illegal narcotics. Talking openly about The Beatles' drug use, Sir Paul McCartney has praised what it did for them, stating that without it they wouldn’t have become the band they did: ‘probably quite important. It was a development thing,’ he told the Daily Telegraph, adding, ‘it's difficult. It certainly made us stretch further than we might otherwise, from ‘Rubber Soul’ onwards.

'But I have the problem now - now that things have got a bit out of control - of not wanting to be seen advocating it. Because we did some pretty good work before that, as well. It's not a requirement.’

So, remember kids, drugs are bad for you - unless they help you write some of the best songs of all time.

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