Justin Bieber and 'the wild kidz'. The underwhelming rebellion continues

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As Justin Bieber’s laughable stumble through pubescent rebellion continues, we thought that we might just check in with our androgynous young friend to see how he is getting on with his desperate bid for credibility. It seems that the comedy didn’t end with his European tour which saw him laughed out of London by the paparazzi, insult the memory of Anne Frank and the Holocaust in general with his glib self centredness and then nip over to South Africa to invoke Nelson Mandela’s legacy with a hashtag to promote his new album.

Now in the States, Bieber has just apologized to Bill Clinton after footage emerged that showed him spraying liquid at a photo of the former president, shouting, "F**k Bill Clinton." After speaking with him over the phone, (god only knows why Clinton bothered answering) Bieber thanked Clinton on Twitter, and summed up the former President with a testament that will no doubt be quoted by biographers in years to come - " #greatguy."

The same bit of footage also shows Bieber urinating into a mop bucket in the kitchen of a nightclub while members of his entourage (The Arch Beliebers?) laugh in the background and refer to themselves as..... you may need that mop bucket yourselves......... "the wild kidz."

Just as the ‘Wild Kidz’ were doing so well with the whole rock n roll thing and managing to convince themselves that someone over the age of twelve might one day take them seriously, it was back down to earth in Chicago with a bang. Chicago Department of Business Affairs and Consumer Protection spokeswoman Jennifer Lipford has announced that Bodi’s nightclub was indeed cited for knowingly having an underage person on their premises because the Wild Kid was in town. How that hasn’t happened before is a mystery, but it was back to the drawing board for the Wild Kidz and the most underwhelming renegades of modern times.

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