Justin Bieber claims he wasn’t ‘put together’

Justin Bieber has reacted to suggestions that the star is merely a product ‘put together’ by the music industry.

The teenager was appearing David Letterman to promote his new 3D movie Never Say Never.

The film is a documentary-style project directed by Jon Chu featuring tour performances and behind-the-scenes footage of the boy Bieber.

He said: ‘Most people would think some people just put me together - some people just made me. Like I'm just some factory machine! But this movie proves that I really worked hard to get here and I just wanted to show that.

Meanwhile the 16-year-old singer has revealed that he is getting singing lessons. On the Today Show, Bieber explained that puberty is changing the way he sings but he is ‘getting through it.’

He told host Matt Lauer: ‘My voice is definitely changing, gradually. It's definitely lower than last time I was here. I think that everybody's voice changes.’

Bieber added: ‘It's just how you go through it. I have a great vocal coach that's helping me.’

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