Justin Bieber home searched and friend arrested after egg attack on neighbour

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Police have searched the home of Justin Bieber for evidence after the troubled young star allegedly threw eggs at his neighbour's home last week.

As the soap opera that is the Rise and Fall of Justin Bieber continues to play out in glorious Technicolor, one might be forgiven for wondering if a particularly mischievous comedian was writing the scripts. His annus horribilis in 2013 is well documented, culminating in his apparent retirement from music at Christmas, but it seems that 2014 is off to a cracking start for the tortured adolescent.

The search, which instantly became internet gold resulted in the arrest of Bieber entourage stalwart ‘Lil Za’ for drug possession.

The egging incident, which demonstrates just how sterile rock n roll antics have become, apparently caused ‘extensive damage’ to his neighbour’s house.

Lieutenant David Thompson of the Los Angeles police told reporters "I get that the eggs don't seem that significant, but it does rise to the level of a felony”

"There is a victim in this case who has extensive damage done to their home. And that's a serious incident."

Officers were reportedly searching Justin Bieber’s home for evidence related to the incident. Whether that evidence included stockpiles of eggs is unconfirmed, but police believed that they would find security footage of the egg throwing on one of Bieber’s CCTV cameras. While conducting their search, they apparently saw the drugs ‘in plain view’.

Police said Bieber, 19, had "not been arrested, nor has he been exonerated".

Steve Whitmore from LA County Sheriff's Office said: "There were about eight people at the residence, they were detained.

"Justin Bieber was there as well. He was also detained, not arrested.

"The alleged narcotics were in such a location that they were directly related to one person and not related to the house at large."

He said "it is possible" that the drug was cocaine but that tests of the substance would follow

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