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Fresh from his 3D onscreen extravaganza, Never Say Never, the Canadian sensation known as Justin Bieber takes his high energy live tour around the globe. Tickets are sure to be an instant sell out in all venues so keep coming back to us for the very latest updates in Justin Bieber's schedule as there are constantly new shows being added.

There is the official site of Justin Bieber which included the opportunity to purchase official mechanise and to view an exclusive gallery. Also you can buy an exclusive "never say never" fan pack which would be a good prelude to seeing his concert.

Justin Bieber was discovered in 2008 and became one of You Tube's biggest success stories within a couple of years. His movie contains a heady mix of live footage and personal videos taken by his loving mother throughout his formative years. The movie itself was destined to be a box office blockbuster  when it was to be released in February 2011but the publicity machine roared louder when details emerged that it was to hit the screens as a 3D masterpiece. It topped the box office with estimates grossing around 12.4 million dollar on its opening day alone. The film came with the release of Justin Bieber's second remix album with the same title of "Never say Never".

In 2010 there was a report that claimed Justin Bieber was responsible for around 3% of all Twitter traffic. The official Twitter page for Justin Bieber is twitter.com/justinbieber andhis facebook fan page is also under his own name.

He has been nominated, and won, many awards and accolades over his short career.Justin Bieber is undoubtedly the teen idol of the decade so don't miss your opportunity to purchase your very own Justin Bieber tickets 2011.

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