No chance yet to get Justin Bieber tickets 2012

Justin Drew Bieber Born March 1st 1994 is a Canadian pop/RnB singer songwriter and actor. Bieber was 1st found in 2008 by Scooter Braun, who came across Bieber's videos on YouTube and later took him under his wing. It was Braun who 1st introduced Bieber to Usher an already megastar RnB singer and they signed Bieber to Raymond Braun Media Group.

Biebers 1st release My world was met with positive reviews by critics and was certified platinum in Candada in less than a month.A star was born and in just 2 months he was platinum in the US with sales topping 1 million there

The album's lead single One Time has reached the top twenty in five countries

On March 9th 2010 he released his follow up to his debut titled My World 2.0 which was  No.1 in Canada and America.The album featured Baby which is the most watched video on youtube with 537,831,877 views. His youtube page has  1,597,319,572 views making it one of the most viewed on youtube and proving many people have the Bieber Fever

In 2011 his remaining dates can be found at justinbiebertour.net/ with dates in Isreal, Singapore, Australia, Philipinnes and Japan all booked.Tickets for those shows will most likely be snapped up quick check the site for details

People who want justin bieber tickets 2012 will have to be patient as they are unnanounced as of yet but they will surely be announced later in the year



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