Justin Bieber to retire from music?

Just when you thought Christmas had come early as Justin Bieber had announced his retirement from music, we learn that it was all a big mistake. With 47 million Twitter followers to please how could the 19-year old Canadian star quit music? But that’s what he told an LA radio station during a recent interview.

“I’m actually retiring man,” were his exact words, words that must have made some sing in happiness and others sob onto their collection of Bieber merchandise. The official twitter account for Power 106 FM also published other quotes from the interview, “I want to grow as an artist and I'm taking a step out, I want my music to mature,” was something that added weight to the retirement claim. He then made himself even clearer, “I'm just gonna take some time. I think I'm probably gonna quit music, I'm quitting everything.”

For a day or so we thought that we would one day live in a Bieber free world, one where we could eventually switch on the radio without fear of coming across one of his tunes, but then his manager Scooter Braun told us his artist was “just kidding” adding, “Next year he's taking a break just to make music and relax, take some time for himself for the first time since he was 12.”

Perhaps the time away from the limelight will give him more opportunity to make the mistakes that have plagued his career like the time when he attacked paparazzi in London. Another recent mistake happened when he was touring the house that Ann Frank lived in during the World War Two and wrote in the guest book that Ann Frank “would have been a Belieber,”(a fan of his), something that made him look pretty arrogant. The inappropriate language to a customs officer in Australia who was arresting his friend for carrying weed was another incident that’s got him in the papers, and the fight in a Southampton nightclub that happened last spring also gave him some bad press.

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