Justin Bieber triumphantly manages to disrespect Nelson Mandela

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For god’s sake will a member of Justin Bieber’s PR team just get him to shut up. Or at least imprison him somewhere and wheel out a lifelike mannequin to do his press conferences for him. And hire an orang utang to write his tweets for him as there is no doubt that said simian would do a better job.

Yes – he’s been at it again. Airing his profoundly held and fully thought through views on seminal historical figures. To be honest – he can smoke all the pot he likes and throw as many hissy fits backstage as he pleases as the only people really affected are gullible 12 year olds (and their long suffering parents). But when someone with this much fame, celebrity, and sadly, influence starts opening their yap about serious people and serious issues – it somehow stains us all. Not because we care what he has to say. But because we live in a society that amplifies what an imbecile has to say.

Hot on the heels of his musings as to whether concentration camp victim and voice of the Holocaust Anne Frank would have been a fan of his, Bieber has now turned his feeble attentions to Nelson Mandela.

Having had a quick gush about his Cape Town fans, Beiber returned to the twitosphere to declare

"Nelson Mandela is the man!"

OK – so far so irritating yet inoffensive.

Look a little further and reach for the sick bag. That tweet was accompanied by the hashtag #BELIEVE, which is the name of Bieber’s latest album and tour. Yep – while unconvincingly using the man who spent 27 years in prison under the apartheid regime to exhort people to ‘believe’ (yeah thanks Justin – where would we be without you) he managed to tastefully turn Mandela’s achievements and suffering into unspeakably naff self promotion.

It actually requires a special talent to be this big a muppet when you think about it.

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