Justin Bieber turned away from Manchester club to protect their reputation

Picture the scene. Justin Bieber has just finished inflicting his barely pubescent brand of choreographed wholesomeness on the city of Manchester. Deciding that the night is almost as young as he is, he makes inquires as to where the hottest nightclub in town may be. Security sigh and snap to attention, publicists start flapping wildly about the paparazzi implications, and his pet hamster slaps on its glad rags in eager anticipation.

And then it all – allegedly – goes horribly wrong. Turning up at the door of Sankeys – a credible club at the heart of the city’s nightlife, Justin was turned away in no uncertain terms. One may wonder if he didn’t have ID to prove he was over 18 (he is – but only just), but it turns out that the club may have been desperately trying to protect its reputation.

The reason Sankeys gave for dismissing the diminutive deacon of dubious dance was his trademark ‘shuffle’ dance move. Apparently taking its cues from 80’s aerobics videos, the ‘shuffle’ was deemed reason enough to rebuff the global superstar at the door.

The club took to Twitter with a short statement. “Yes the rumours are true, we turned Justin Bieber away. He shuffles on stage and we can’t be having that in Sankeys now can we.”

One might think that having someone quite so internationally famous in your club might be a desirable state of affairs. If you extrapolate from Essex clubs that pay Z listers to come to their nights to put them on the map, surely having a pop icon turn up for free would be a huge coup for any club.

Except it does rather depend on which icon. Sankeys were instantly rewarded with howls of support from their loyal following, most of whom would probably not be able to regard the club in the same light if it transpired that it was indeed Justin Bieber’s venue of choice. Credibility is difficult to build and easy to shatter – and say what you will about Bieber’s many attributes – credibility is certainly not among them.

Indeed Sankeys have cemented their underground credentials by leaking the story. Bieber’s people deny it all wholeheartedly and a brief storm in a twitcup arose as the club was blocked by Bieber’s Twitter page. True or not – Sankeys have proved very adept at their own PR.

Written by Cyrus Bozorgmehr - Google+ Profile - More articles by Cyrus Bozorgmehr

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