Justin Bieber under investigation for allegedly instigating his bodyguards in club brawl

Guess which 19-year old pop singer is in trouble again? Yep, Justin Bieber

Not satisfied for not getting prosecuted in Los Angeles for allegedly hitting a paparazzo with his Ferrari, Bieber is now being investigated in Southhampton, New York over a brawl that started at the South Pointe nightclub.

Police are investigating members of Bieber’s team of bodyguards who are accused of assaulting a male clubber, and whether the pop star instigated his bodyguards into the altercation.

Southampton Police sergeant Todd Spencer told the New York Post: "That would be part of the investigation, whether Bieber directed them or not."

22- year old Wayne Rennalls was taken to Peconic Bay Medical Center because he reportedly suffered a black eye, busted lip and bruised ribs following the altercation and then filed a complaint.

The reason for the altercation was a waitress, a bow tie, and probably an excess of testosterone, and lot of envy.

To make the story short, apparently Rennalls or one of his friend had given his bow tie to a cocktail waitress, and when she went off with Bieber, the clubbers, apparently pissed off by the her behavior, followed the entourage out of the club in order to get the bow tie back.

This act, then leaded to a heated exchange between the star’s security squad, and in the confusion it seems that someone threw a rock at Bieber’s SUV, which then prompted the pop star to jump out of the sun roof and off the car, like he was in some sort of action movie.

A source told Radar: 'Justin jumped out the sunroof of his car and slid down the car like he was in ‘Die Hard'. 'He dropped his shirt and threw his hat and wanted to throw hands. His people surrounded Wayne, who was getting punched from all angles.'

Bieber later tweeted a rather cryptic message trying to dismiss the incident as a rumor, but there is a video of him jumping off the car, but not getting physically involved in the fight, just yelling.

The star tweeted: 'The most recent rumors might be the funniest of all. Where do u get this stuff??? #focusedonreality.

The South Pointe nightclub issued the following statement:

The police are currently investigating an incident that happened off premise and down the street from South Pointe in which Justin Bieber’s security confronted the individual after their car was struck with a rock after 4 a.m. The police have confirmed that there was no incident in the club or on the premises and the altercation took place off the premises. They have asked the South Pointe staff not to comment further as it is a police investigation.

Just another day in the life of a famous teenage pop star and his entourage


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