Justin Bieber will not be prosecuted for allegedly running into a paparazzo

Beliebers can go to bed tonight and continue their sweet and semi-erotic dreams over their idol, knowing that Justin Bieber will not be wearing a Los Angeles County jail orange jumpsuit, at least not for now.

The 19-year old will not be prosecuted for allegedly running his white Ferrari into a photographer in Hollywood.

The Los Angeles District Attorney has rejected the case, according to a TMZ report.

The incident occurred in June, when Bieber was trying to leave comedy club,Laugh Factory in Los Angeles, and still surrounded by paparazzi he drove off, as one of them fell to the ground holding his knee.

The photographer sustained a leg injury, but police said it was not life threatening, and later cleared Bieber - who doesn’t have the greatest driving record - of any wrongdoing.

Prosecutors said there was "insufficient evidence to prove that Bieber knowingly left the scene of a collision in which someone was injured."

Bieber, however is still under investigation for another incident.

Apparently the teen idol was speeding through his Calabasas gated community, and then got into a heated argument with a neighbor, and after the usual comments laced with profanity, he allegedly spat on the neighbor, causing the ‘damp’ man to file a battery report.

Apparently spitting has become part of the pop star’s latest repertoire: a DJ is claimed that Bieber spat at him in an Ohio nightclub, and he was recently caught on his hotel balcony in Toronto spitting down at his fans.

Evidently the singer also has issues with hypersalivation.

Everyone has been trying to convince Bieber to shape up and lose all the antics, while his maternal grandmother, Diane Dale, defended his behavior, saying that is normal for most teenage boys.

Singer and former train wreck,Britney Spears, tried to give the troubled pop star her take on living in the limelight and the problems of being a teen idol, while Miley Cyrus (pot to the kettle) told Bieber to take a bit of time out now that he’s a superstar.

Sharon Osbourne in an interview with The Daily Beast, that was liberally peppered with the F word, said, “At the point he’s at in his career, it’s so dangerous because we’ve seen it all before a million times. Where do you go when you’re a child entertainer and then you want to transition to be a man? Very few make it.”

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