Kaiser Konfusion

Yesterday Kaiser Chief's drummer Nick Hodgson said that the band had rejected lyrics written by David Bowie for their new, fan-complied album 'The Future is Medieval', saying that their producer Tony Visconti had text Bowie asking for suggestions to finish off a verse on 'Man On Mars'. However Visconti has today denied that ever happened, which begs the question: 'why would you lie about something like that?

Hodgson told the News of the World: 'I'm such a big Bowie fan I can't believe I'm saying this, but they just weren't right, so I've missed out on a Hodgson/Bowie writing credit. Gutted!' Except it sounds like you invented the whole thing, Hodgson: explain yourself.

'I have never asked David Bowie to write lyrics for the Kaiser Chiefs,' said Visconti. 'I was hired for the production job because of Nick's obsession with Bowie and T. Rex, and I freely shared some of my production secrets with them, but that did not include getting Bowie to write lyrics for them. That is absurd.'

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