Kanye and Kim have a daughter

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Kim Kardashian and Kanye West have a daughter about five weeks earlier than they were anticipating after she went into labour and gave birth at Cedars-Sinai in Beverly Hills. A source told US magazine: "Kim got sick last night and had the baby early. They're all doing great and amazing!"

Kanye had to interrupt a playback party for his new album Yeezus (in which the singer further explores his Messiah complex) in order to welcome his daughter's arrival just in time for Fathers' Day.

The child immediately leaps to the top of the US celeb infants chart. Ironically, the parents are keen to preserve some family privacy. This might seem a little rich given Kanye's media ubiquity and the fact that Kardashian's entire existence is founded on her willingness to film or tweet every aspect of her life.

Kanye has previously spoken about his desire to keep the child out of the spotlight. "Well, I just don't want to talk to America about my family," he said. "Like, this is my baby. This isn't America's baby. I would do anything to protect my child or my child's mother, but haven't fully developed those thoughts yet."

It's a busy time for the singer, whose album has been released to mostly positive reviews. It's not entirely indicative of an artist ready to settle into easy domesticity, even if he does claim, "I've been a menace for the longest, but I ain't finished, I'm devoted." The album also features some rather less-than-mature attitudes to women. The track 'Blood On The Leaves' is probably the crassest thing he has done, sampling Billie Holiday's classic civil rights lament 'Strange Fruit' and using it as the backdrop to a moan about how alimony payments are curtailing his ability to buy coke and a new Mercedes. Little wonder Barack Obama famously called Kanye a "jackass".

Cynics might presume that, given the materialist fixations of the parents, their daughter will have her own line of street fashion and a modelling contract before she is one, but maybe Kanye means it and baby K will be allowed to grow up in peace.

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