Kanye confirms Glastonbury guest slot

Kanye West has confirmed that he'll be performing a guest spot at this year's Glastonbury, despite controversy surrounding rapper Jay-Z's performance last year.

However Glasto stalwarts needn't worry that the festival will be another hip hop heavy affair. Kanye won't be hogging all the limelight himself and will instead be appearing (briefly) alongside Mr Hudson, the UK act he is promising to make the 'biggest in the world'.

Mr Hudson said: “We’re going to do the festivals together and we’re looking forward to that. Glastonbury will be huge. Kanye doesn’t really do mud or rain but I hope he will be with me. I think there’s a good chance. I can imagine him at Glasto in wellies, a Barbour jacket and with a Labrador.”

Kanye said of his latest protege: “I do agree with the idea you have to play guitar, some kind of instrument, at a festival. Hudson is a truly talented singer and performer who plays piano and guitar. You can take his record all the way to the festivals.”

Mr Hudson.

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