Kanye stop dancing on the photocopier please?

It probably seemed like just another day in the office at Facebook HQ yesterday, as employees sipped the dregs of their coffee cups and browsed their own profiles in the name of ‘work’. But little did they know that a mere matter of hours later they would be watching one of the most famous – and infamous – rappers in the world perform a special acapella set for them in the comfort of their own conference room.

Standing on a desk, dressed in a suit, Kanye West performed material from his new album for a privileged few Facebook employees. The impromptu gig was then filmed and shown later on YouTube (see the footage here). In what would appear to be a full assault on all corners of the social networking industry, the rapper also joined Twitter yesterday, quickly amassing almost 300,000 followers. He has been keeping fans up to date with nuggets of wisdom including ‘I hate stickers on laptops’ and ‘Classical music is tight yo’.

It would seem that social media is going to be a big part of Kanye’s new album campaign, which is rumoured for release on 14 September – an exact year since his notorious VMA outburst.

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