Kanye West and Iggy Azalea - Ignorant 'Art'

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It’s funny how these days, in order for someone to get mainstream exposure, it very often has to be set within the context of someone far more famous than themselves. Take Iggy Azalea for instance. The female rapper from down under has been releasing music and playing out for a few years now, but in recent weeks, Kayne West seems to have been taking an interest in her – and suddenly she’s headline news.

Gossipy angle number 1. West has apparently not been seen in public with intellectual and creative heavyweight wife, Kim Kardashian for several weeks now. Perhaps now that she is officially signed up to ‘babymomma’ status – his eye has gone a wandering.

But maybe not. Anyway – the young, white, female Australian rapper has done very well for herself over the years – opening for Nas and playing alongside weird cake fetishist Steve Aoki. Having lived in a selection of American cities, she finally ended up in LA working with UK production team Invisible Man.

Apparently she has learned from Kanye to ‘consult a round table of industry brains on every musical decision’. God how suicidally depressing. What happened to letting creativity flow and standing or falling by your instincts? Apparently these days you need to consult an army of consultants to know what note to sing. There is something so painfully wrong with this corporatized, managed creativity it’s difficult to know where to start.

But get this. This is really good. Azalea has apparently been on a philosophical mission to explore the line between ignorance and art. Her and a friend " thought: let's get together and write a poem that is the most ignorant s**t ever but is actually really well-written. We wanted to see what's rap and what's not”

The result was a song with a title so gratuitously vulgar we can’t actually print it here. But wait – that’s not all. In a ‘like – wow – we are just like soo synchronised’ moment – she revealed that Kanye too goes in for a spot of existential poetry. Taking on the thorny subject of McDonalds, Kayne came up with ‘Those fries/ Those fries/ I have them in my eyes/ That smooth apple pie…'

My god – these people are trying to put stupidity on a philosophical pedestal. Where will all this end?

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