Kanye West falls over

Few things are as amusing as someone completely full of hubris taking a tumble, be it metaphorical or literal. Obviously the literal falling over is funnier, so we're delighted to bring to you Kanye West – superstar producer, rapper, and king of overstatement – stacking it while on stage in Norway. How amusing.

West was performing 'All Of The Lights' at the Bergen Calling event on Tuesday when he took his comedic tumble. But don't worry, Kanye fans! The man clambered back up and finished the song. That's more or less it, so why not read the following quote from the man himself, in which he compares himself to Hitler, to remind yourself of why it's funny of when he falls over: 'There is so much bullsh*t going on in the music industry right now. Someone needs to make a difference. People treat me like Hitler.' What a div.

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