Kanye West is dead

The internet has gone into meltdown with rumours that Kanye West has died, and we’re not talking about his infamous VMA appearance. Social time-wasting sites such as Twitter and Facebook are awash with tweets and updates that the ‘great interrupter’ has passed away. At present these are just rumours, no doubt started by hoax internet jokers trying to spice up an otherwise mundane day at the office, but until we hear confirmation that Kanye West is alive it’s best to presume he is dead. So, R.I.P. Kanye, it’s been real.

On a fluffier note Kanye West has removed the video for his new single ‘We Were Once A Fairytale’ from his website. The bonkers 10 minute vid shows a very sloshed Kanye wobbling around a nightclub, having sexual relations with a stranger, throwing up blood and then stabbing himself in the stomach. And, no, it wasn’t filmed in Croydon.

Watch the Spike Jonze directed masterpiece featuring the late Kanye West below.

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