Kanye's a ****ing idiot

Poor old Kanye West. If you’re not being called a jackass by the president of the United States, or facing world-wide opprobrium for slagging off a young woman who’s just won an award, you’re being slated by some bloke who you’ve never even heard of. This time it’s talented London rapper/singer Plan B, who is trying to drum up some publicity for his album the Defamation of Strickland Banks and has told anyone who’ll listen that West is a ‘f***ing idiot'. Now that’s not very nice is it?

‘Kanye knows he's a f***ing idiot - I ain't gotta tell him that,’ he said to The Daily Star. ‘He's lost touch with reality but it must be hard when you get that big.

‘You only get into the music business by having confidence and determination. You need to convince people you are going to make it. That's the amount of ego you need to survive and Kanye certainly falls into that category.’

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