Kanye’s Cool List

BREAKING NEWS! KANYE WEST HAS FOUND A DECENT PURPOSE FOR TWITTER! Instead of ranting and rambling about anything and everything and everyone the great interrupter has used the social networking site to find out who the coolest people in the world right now are.

Clearly bored at work yesterday, Kanye decided to Tweet ‘who do you think the coolest famous creative people are?’ He then quickly followed up with his definitive cool list; ‘Sade, Ali, Jay-Z, Johnny Depp, Ralph Lauren, Sean Penn, Mos Def, Lil Wayne, Angelina Jolie, Thom Yorke, Ellen, Spike Jonze, MIA.’

And the showed his followers the inner workings of his odd mind with; ‘Sometimes I think in the back of my mind (I know that's redundant)... I wonder what Thom Yorke's doing right now?’

Can you see one major omission from his list? No? Here’s a clue, Kanye and West.

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