Kasabian look to Radiohead for inspiration

Kasabian are setting themselves some pretty lofty heights for the making of their next album: they want it to have the same ‘wow’ factor as Radiohead’s OK Computer.

But before you all turn around and go ‘but Radiohead are dreary moribund guitar noodling, with no sense of fun, why would we want to listen to that?’, Serge Pizzorno is talking about the impact of the album, rather than the style of the music. Which is something of a relief, frankly.

‘Not necessarily the sound, but OK Computer as a record that just makes you go, ‘wow’,' said the band's songwriter. 'I want to aim for something that's as incredible as that - just the feeling of being blown away that you get from that.

‘I just want people to f**king come away from it going, ‘Yep, great album. It's different, I love this. Let's go see it live. Thank you’. Then off we go again.’

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