Kasabian on a hip-hop tip?

You can count the number of decent rock/rap collaborations since 'Walk This Way' on the the fingers of one hand, and we're hard pressed to think of any on the spot. Limp Bizkit or whatever they were called can swivel, for one thing.

Anyway, the reason we bring this up is because hip-hop corporations Jay-Z and Kanye West have reportedly taken an interest in working on new material with Kasabian's Serge Pizzorno. Here's a spurious and possibly invented quote from 'a source'.

'Kasabian’s publishing deal is coming up soon and Jay-Z has heard their music and loved it,' He might have said. 'It’s rock ’n’ roll that appeals to different music fans. The new stuff could fill any dance floor. Kanye loves British music and was bowled over by the last Kasabian album. It could open the door to the US for the band.'

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