Kasabian talk about new album, dinosaurs

The music industry is rife with drugs and hubris: this is something that everyone knows, but seems to be absent from most public analysis of pop stars behaviour or their music, which is odd given just how many journos are up to their eyeballs in illicit substances. Or maybe it's not.

Anyway, flamboyant prog-popsters Kasabian have always looked and sounded like a band who are particularly partial to one particular drug, and their latest record is testament to that – it's called 'Velociraptor!' for one thing, and guitarist Serge Pizzorno seems to have been at the funny stuff when describing it. He's talking about dinosaurs, for God's sake, and how Hollywood lies to us about them, and this is supposed to give us an idea of how the album is going to sound.

'The album has a lot of raw, primal screaming,' he said. 'It has to be shouted that word. It has to be shouted. Jurassic Park and the Hollywood myth of what dinosaurs look like – they were nothing like that. They were smaller and they had feathers. Hollywood also teaches you that things are certain and it's not like that. That comes into play with us as well – people think we're a certain type of band, but we're not.'

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