Kasabian to play New York gig on 11 September

We've been giving Kasabian a bit of a hard time on here for the last few weeks, giving guitarist Serge Pizzorno a bit of a ribbing over his comments about new album Velociraptor!, and insinuating that he'd been delving into the illegal substances in the process. It turned out that wasn't true as well – we gave ourselves a slap on the wrist for that.

Anyway, the band are doing something that genuinely should be lauded as quite nice; playing a gig in New York on 11 September, on top of a roof somewhere, in honour of the tenth anniversary of the terrorist attack. Good lads.

'It will be strange for us playing in the city on such a big weekend for New York people,' said lead singer Tom Meighan. 'It will be emotional. I was at work and remember hearing 9/11 unfold on the radio. I remember going home and being in absolute shock. My mum had it on the news. It was f**king awful.'

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