Kasabian to play Spain's victory party

It must be great fun being Spanish right now, what with your team winning the World Cup last night, and the (probably) cracking amount of partying you're getting up to. Of course the hangover can’t be all that great, presuming you’ve even bothered with going to bed, but you can deal with that, right Johnny Spaniard? Good.

Your victory party is about to get a little bit better, with Kasabian promising to put on a gig. We reported the other day that Fernando Torres loves the Leicester band, and they fully reciprocate. Therefore there will be a coming together between nations in the spirit of harmony and getting very, very drunk. Isn’t the World Cup ace?

‘We'll play their victory party in Madrid, it's as simple as that,' said Serge Pizzorno. 'I'm buzzing that Torres is into us, absolutely buzzing. Our manager is getting in touch to get them along to a gig. Torres is a top player. He's a lord.’

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