Kate Bush, Bowie, Dylan, Stones mark Record Store Day

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The annual celebration of niche retail that is Record Store Day once more has some intriguing goodies to thrill vinyl junkies. With HMV’s demise fresh in the memory, there seems even more reason to celebrate the local, dedicated record store and try to keep them alive in the harsh economic climate.

Among the artists celebrating the event on April 20 are such luminaries as David Bowie, Paul Weller, Bob Dylan, The Rolling Stones and Kate Bush and such retro fanatics as The White Stripes. Jack White is the official ambassador for Record Store Day in 2013 and marks the occasion with a re-release of the band’s Elephant album pressed in black, white and red vinyl.

There are 215 stores participating in the UK and Ireland, which suggests that, while the chain stores are going to the wall, there is still a healthy market for these kinds of small stores catering to hipsters with a vinyl fetish. Organiser Spencer Hickman explained the appeal: "There's nothing to beat the enthusiasm and atmosphere of a great record shop," he said. "The reason great indie stores succeed is that they love music as much as their customers do. Record Store Day is like one huge festival taking place in every part of the UK."

Kate Bush releases a collectable 10 inch picture disc featuring the 2012 Olympic remix of her classic track 'Running Up That Hill (Deal With God)'. Bowie releases two seven inch singles, one taken from his new album, the other a rerelease of the 1973 hit 'Drive-In Saturday'.

Paul Weller is an enthusiastic advocate of Record Store Day, recording two new songs to mark the occasion. "It's great to do a record that's released specifically for Record Store Day," the former Jam frontman said. "There's so few record shops left that we should all treasure those remaining."

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