Kate Bush & Rolf Harris...

In what sounds like the biggest mismatch since England took on Germany in The World Cup last week, Rolf Harris has confirmed that he has recorded a duet with Kate Bush. No, your eyesight isn't going....

Talking in his famous Aussie drool to the Metro, Rolf confirmed: ‘I did her a favour by playing on her album and she did me a favour by recording with me. It's a version of 'She Moves Through The Fair'; a traditional Irish song, and she sings the female vocals in the thing. It's bloody marvellous, the best thing I've done.’

He added: ‘I'm sure Kate Bush fans will be interested. I'm not sure how to release it. I'm not au fait with downloading. I had all my success with George Martin in the 1960s, so I'm used to people buying records in shops.’

Although they are an unlikely pairing, this will be the 3rd time the duo has worked together. Rolf played his didgeridoo on Kate Bush’s 1980’s hit 'The Dreaming' as well as guesting on her ‘Ariel’ album back in 2005.

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