Kate Nash for iTunes Festival

As we said last week, be prepared to be drip fed the line up for this year's iTunes Festival right up until the last minute. And as another day dawns, like clock work another act has been confirmed to play the London festie.

We’ve already had news that Ozzy Osbourne, Scissor Sisters, Tony Bennett, The XX, Ellie Goulding and Faithless will headline their own respective nights and now cheeky London warbler Kate Nash will have an evening fronted by hers truly.

The iTunes Festival has been billed as 31 nights, 62 bands and 1 venue and takes place throughout July at the Roundhouse in London. If you fancy showing your face (and who wouldn’t – tickets are free) then get your pretty little bottom over to itunesfestival.co.uk.

Here’s the line up as we know it to be so far: Scissor Sisters (July 1) Tony Bennett (2) Ozzy Osbourne (3) Kate Nash, Darwin Deez (6) Ellie Goulding, Jamie Woon (8) The xx, Wild Beasts (12) Faithless, Chew Lips (14) Phoenix (30)

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