Katy B: I want a girl to win Mercury Prize

It's Mercury Prize season, so it's time for a series of quotes from the pop stars nominated. After all, that's what music journalism is about these days, isn't it? Anyway, Katy B has said that she wants a female artist to step up and win the award this year, as a tribute to the way UK girls have been smashing up the charts over the last 12 months.

The flame-haired sensation, whose single 'Easy Please Me' is one of the songs of the year to our ears, says that she wants to see Adele win, as they were former classmates at the BRIT school in south London.

'It's great to see so many strong females nominated so I want a girl to win,' she said. 'It'll be great to see Adele again on the night as we went to school together, but I don't see it like a competition.

'There's so many people nominated and just one prize so it's nice just to be recognised. I found out half an hour before the announcement so I'm still in shock. They didn't let out any info so I thought I better go along.'

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