Katy gets her Perry’s out

Depending on your disposition you’ll either be thinking: I’m disgusted, is this what Germain Greer's feminism intended? Or, this’ll do to help shift a couple more records innit? Either way Katy Perry gets her bouncing jolly whoppers out on the cover of her forthcoming album. Can you tell which side we’re on?

Mrs Brand-to-be‘s second album is called ‘Teenage Dream’ and, to help power the PR juggernaut for a few a more miles she’s decided to wear next to nothing on the front sleeve. Talking at the unveiling of the artwork which depicts her covered in candy floss, she said: ‘Ooohhh! What will my mother say next? Wow. It's so gorgeous. I'm so excited. I'm nervous. I'm shaking a little bit...This is my first piece of real art, except my posters on the wall of Gwen Stefani when I was growing up.’

Adding: ‘maybe CDs will be extinct next time I put out the album...so I wanted to go out with a bang for people to remember this. I think our collaboration will make it memorable.’

FAO Men: you can’t see anything, we’ve tried.

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