Katy Perry's new album 'Prism' released

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Katy Perry’s much anticipated fourth studio album "Prism" was released Tuesday and in just a few hours has climbed to number one on iTunes in over 69 countries in the world.

The new album that follows the worldwide success of "Teenage Dream” - that produced five No. 1 singles - was produced with Max Martin, also enlisted past collaborators Dr. Luke, Cirkut, Greg Wells, Benny Blanco, and StarGate, as well as new collaborators Klas Åhlund, Bloodshy, and Greg Kurstin.

The first hit single "Roar" was released on August 10, 2013 has sold almost 5 million copies and the official video of Katy as a modern day Jane, has already totaled more than 143 million viewers on Youtube.

Perry who will turn 29 the day after tomorrow, says the album reflects changes in both her personal life and her music and that each song tells a story.


"I think what 'Prism' is, is an evolution and a maturity," she said. "I think you can hear growth as a songwriter. I hope you can hear the growth as a person."

During a radio interview with z100 New York's Elvis Duran and the Morning Show in August she explained away the why many though that Prism would be darker and more acoustic album, instead she said, "Prism is what colors are. That's why I called it Prism, For a minute I thought 'OK, maybe I was going to do a dark record, but then I let the light in, and that’s what a prism does."

The album which features “Roar,” “Unconditionally,” “Dark Horse feat. Juicy J,” “Walking on Air”, “Ghosts, Legendary Lovers, Birthday, Dark Horse By the Grace of God “ and more, is diverse and contaminated with elements from folk rock, arena rock, and glam rock, to 90's house song-oriented sound, power pop, rock, and electronic ballads and contemporary Christian music.

"You can tell I am having fun and taking chances, musically with the different textures that I am showing in the songs," said Perry. "I'm painting with more colors this time. I think people can adopt certain anthems for the messages or they can make them their own."


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