Katy Perry's Sesame Street duet banned

Katy Perry’s duet with Elmo on Sesame Street has been yanked from the show after criticism received for the low-cut nature of the songbird’s dress. It’s a decision that is hard to fathom, as anyone who has watched the video can see that Perry is about as asexual as a woman with such spectacular – ahem, you knows – could possibly be. Nevertheless, the clip has been pulled from the New Year’s Eve edition of the show.

In fact, the whole thing is really rather sweet, with Elmo and Perry sharing a duet (based on her 2008 hit Hot N Cold) about Perry wanting to play dress-up with the puppet. If you were a sick, twisted pervert you could view something into the dressing up angle, but it’s for kids, they don’t know anything about sexual role play, or bondage. Honestly, some people. Check the video out below and judge for yourself

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