Katy Perry's sweet gift for her mum: a FACELIFT

It can't be easy being Katy Perry's mother. The singer, who comes from a religious family and whose father is a minister, frolics naked on a cloud in her latest video and blows whipped cream out of her machine-gun bra.

Then, of course, there was the awkward moment when she first brought her finance, Russell Brand, round for dinner.

But it seems Katy is doing her best to show her parents she's still their little girl: she's bought her mum, er, a facelift. Perry's dad broke the news in a SERMON a few days ago.

'My daughter, little Katy Perry, bought my wife a facelift. Hallelujah. My Lord, does she look good. It is amazing what they can do. They took 25 years off her. I am serious, it's amazing.'

'I don't know how I am going to handle this. I mean, she doesn't look like her mother no more, she looks like Katy Perry's sister.'

In conclusion, then, Katy Perry is a sweetheart, and her dad is a bit creepy.

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