Kayne mixing it up

It's been something of a mixed last few weeks for everyone's favourite mediocre hip-hopper, Kanye West (if we can stretch the mix theme any further let us know). First he does a live collaboration in LA with uber-cool song writer The-Dream in an effort to advertise his latest plodding long player Love vs. Money, then he he learns that he might very end up in the clink for the tantrum he threw at two paps last autumn.

The (rubbish) rapper and (great) producer could end up with 30 months jail time if convicted of misdemeanour battery, grand theft and vandalism, charges which were brought about after he and his road manager Dan Crowley had a row with the amateur paps in question, and things got a bit nawty.

Frankly 30 months in prison seems a bit harsh for two smashed cameras and a bit of a scuffle, but if it stops him releasing his lift rap then maybe there is some justice in this crazy world after all.

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