Keane still peeved with Tories

There aren’t many times when people feel a little sorry for M.O.R poshos Keane, but no matter your politics you can see why they feel a little hard done by with this story.

During the Conservatives nonstop General Election campaign trail they chose to uses Keane’s song ‘Everybody’s Changing’ to push their official manifesto, much to the annoyance of the band who hadn't given them permission to use it. Keane drummer Richard Hughes guested on Radio 4’s Front Row this week and explained he was even more annoyed because he didn’t even vote for The Conservatives: ‘I feel at that kind of event it would just be polite to check that the band wouldn't mind being associated with the party, my music is in no way intended to support David Cameron's campaign’.

New British PM David Cameron in the past has stated that Keane are one of his favourite bands.

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