Keating gets folky for solo album

Boyzone frontman Ronan Keating is looking for a career relaunch. The middle-aged boy band crooner is hoping to reinvent himself as a folk singer with his next solo album, scheduled for release in 2012.

This desperate attempt at jumping on the bandwagon... sorry, enterprising attempt to broaden his artistic horizons, could pitch the Irish idol to the same massive global audiences that have lapped up the acoustic blatherings of Mumford and Sons.

Keating hasn’t recorded for half a decade, but he told The Sun that he has had enough of idleness and is ready to get back into the music business. "Now I have a new lease of life and I'm ready to write and record," he said.

"I'm working on a new studio album, which I hope to release later this year. It's my first studio album in five years and will feature brand new songs. It has a folk feel at the moment but the sound is changing all the time."

From which we gather that Keating is keeping close tabs on the charts and is ready to mimic whatever seems to be selling. It would certainly be intriguing to hear a solo album pitched midway between Coldplay and Lana Del Rey.

Keating has been spending his time away from the music industry by appearing as a judge on Australia’s Got Talent. It seems there is only so much sheep-shearing, didgeridoo-blowing and Kylie imitations a man can take before he longs to get back to his day job.

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