Keira Knightley launches music career?

P** our pants laughing is what we usually do when thespians try to straddle the great divide between acting and music. So we've been roaring at the thought of Keira Knightley assuming her 'theatrical blood' means she can blast out a decent tune on karaoke too.

The Pirates of The Caribbean star has recorded three songs for her new film 'The Edge of Love' - and by some quirk of fate, isn't overly horrified by the result. Before recording the tracks she might have confessed to not really being able to sing - but Keira wasn't going to let a piddly detail like that stop her.“I can’t really sing, I had to have a few lessons, but once I started doing it, a sound emerged that wasn’t too disagreeable.” Hmmmm.

In our experience there's only one Hollywood starlet who's ever managed the hair brained leap from stage to recording suite. And she doesn't go by the name of Russell Crowe. Or even Minnie Driver. It's Juliette Lewis.

Keira - if you want to follow in Jules's footsteps, you'll have to do more than a bit of half hearted warbling on a couple of sappy film tracks. And if you need proof - check out Juliette and The Licks doing 'Got Love To Kill' - awesome.

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