Keisha nearly ruined me

Amelle Berrabah, one of the many to have slipped through the Sugababes’ revolving door recruitment policy, has claimed that Keisha Buchanan nearly ruined her career. No-one who has worked in the industry would believe such scurrilous nonsense, of course, as everyone knows that Ms Buchanan is a paragon of virtue and would never be a grumpy prima donna. Oh no.

‘Keisha ruined my career, almost,’ said Berrabah of Buchanan, who was booted out of the band last month. ‘I still really respect Keisha but at the end of the last line-up it was getting really difficult for me and Heidi - to the point that it was going on for months and months.

‘It ground me and Heidi down. I couldn't take it any more. When I was in LA I said, “I can't do this anymore”. I was willing not to even be in a band. Heidi backed me up and I respect her for that.’ It was a problem that led to her spending a short while in a clinic being treated for nervous exhaustion.

‘I definitely needed it but I didn't know what I wanted at the start,’ she said. ‘I just knew I wasn't myself and I wasn't right. I knew I needed to take some time out but I didn't know how. Someone said there is this really great retreat that people go to for all different reasons, even with really stressy jobs. To clear your head. It definitely did the trick.’

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