Killing Christmas In The Name Of

Sir Paul McCartney has spoken about the big race for this year's Christmas No.1 and if you’re Simon Cowell, it’s bad news.

Rage Against The Machine’s effing & jeffing 90s rock monster ‘Killing In The Name Of’ is currently leading X-Factor champ Joe McElderry’s ‘The Climb’ in the midweeks to the top spot after a Facebook campaign was started by fans to stop SyCo’s chart dominance.

But, having performed himself on The X-Factor final on Sunday (13 Dec), Paul McCartney has now backed the RATM campaign because it would ‘prove a point’.

‘I like the idea. Everyone expects Joe to do it, and if he goes to number one then good luck to him’ the Big Mac told Sky News.

‘He's just some kid [joe] with a career ahead. I've got nothing against that, but it would be kind of funny if Rage Against The Machine got it because it would prove a point.’

Joking about his random appearance of the karaoke contest the former Beatle said it was his ‘claim to fame now!’. Well, at least we hope he was joking.

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