KIlling X Factor

We’ve all seen the slightly lame campaign that various ‘real music’ snobs have tried to get going to try and bash the X Factor’s manufactured pop automaton out of the way for the Christmas number one. Little do they know that the music they’re trying to help is just as cack as what they’re trying to beat. Goddamn rockists and their appalling taste.

Anyway, the Rage Against The Machine bandwagon is rolling so fast that they might actually take the top slot this year, which would put DJs in the tricky situation of having to broadcast ‘f**k you I won’t do what you tell me’ over and over again. Or at least they would be if RATM hadn’t made a radio edit like the hypocrites they are. Bah, humbug.

The big news is that according to 7Digital, the British MP3 download store, RATM are outselling poor hapless Jordie McElderry’s cover of The Climb by two to one. Oh dear Jordie, oh deary dear.

‘After several years of X Factor Christmas number one dominance, it’s very exciting to see some genuine excitement and the Internet viral factor that worked so well for Susan Boyle is now turning against the talent show genre,’ said 7Digital’s CEO Ben Drury. Stick it to The Man, yeah?

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