Kings of Hyde Park

It's taken them almost 10 years to get the credit they deserve, but last night Kings Of Leon had 60,000 people eating out of their sweaty, rocker palms. Although the Nashville band popped on to the scene at the beginning of the nougties, wheeling out an exceptional debut and TWO excellent follow-ups, it wasn’t until their 4th album ‘Only By The Night’ that they became a household name.

Last night KOL played a 60,000 sell out show in London’s Hyde Park ripping through their back catalogue (i.e songs that weren’t ‘Sex On Fire’) as well as debuting three new songs - 'Southbound', 'Immortal' and 'Radioactive' - from their forthcoming 5th album.

Lead snarker Caleb Followill said: ‘since we saw you guys last we went and made a record. That's what we put a lot of work into. Just yesterday some people at the record label got to hear a couple of songs from it. I don't know if they want us to play a bunch of new songs but I think 'f**k it' - were gonna do it!’

KOL played: Crawl, Taper Jean Girl, My Party, Be Somebody, Immortals, Molly's Chambers, Fans, Milk, Closer, Mary, Wasted, 4 Kicks, The Bucket, Radioactive, Charmer, Where Is My Mind, Sex On Fire, Notion, On Call, Southbound, Trani, Knocked Up, Manhattan, Use Somebody, Black Thumbnail.

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