Kings of Leon deny sacking Caleb Followill

Last week we reported that Kings Of Leon cancelled the remainder of their American tour after lead singer Caleb Followill's 'health problems' came to a head: he stormed off stage at a gig in their Dallas, Texas to vomit and drink a beer, two activities which don't usually go hand in hand. In any case it's clear that the band have big problems, and the other members of the band haven't been shy in saying so.

The situation is of course ripe for exploitation by tabloid rags, so no-one should be surprised to see American gossip sheet Star Magazine, which said that the band 'started to resent Caleb's antics as he was late to rehearsals, neglectful of band meeting and displaying diva traits'. They even claimed that they were going to sack their frontman and carry on with Matthew and Jared Followill taking over on lead vocals. However drummer Nathan has oured scorn on such suggestions, calling them 'hilarious'. So that's teh end of that chapter, then.

'BREAKING NEWS: Kings Of Leon has kicked Caleb out and Jared and Matt will be taking over lead vocals,' he wrote on Twitter. 'Where do people come up with this sh*t? Hilarious.'

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