Kings of Leon keeping mum

The majestic Kings of Leon recently survived a raging pigeon poop fest at the last music gig they played to give weight to rumours that the band's next record will be released in October this year, NME reports.

However, whilst the band's record label RCA confirmed that the next album to be produced by the Nashville quartet - which will feature more of a 'beachey' and 'chilled out' sound - will hit the shops on October 19th, the band have been more reticent.

Caleb Followil was quoted as recently revealing that if the decision was left to the band to make, then they 'admit they would play the whole of [their] new album live', implying that things were pretty much done and dusted and that the album was ready to roll (and rock.)

Sounds like fans will have some time to wait before they can learn whether their days of air-guitar solos and singing into a hair-brush moments will come to an end with the band's supposed new musical direction.

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