Kings Of Leon new album deets

If the question, ‘we asked 100 people what the first album Kings Of Leon was’ ever came up on ITV1 brain dead telly show Family Fortunes (no, we don’t think it ever would either) we would put your mortgage on the majority saying ‘Only By The Night’. You know, the one with ‘Sex On Fire’. Of course it wasn’t, it was their 4th, and although easily their biggest seller and the one that catapulted them into mega stardom it was arguably their weakest of the set.

Anyway! According to Directcurrntmusic.com KOL fans will be able to hear their eagerly awaited FIFTH studio album on October 19th – the release date their company have penned in on their new album schedule.

The guitar group recently played two new songs at their London Hyde Park show. You can hear ‘Mary’ below. Apologies, the camera man was no doubt drunk.

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