‘Kiss’ my a**!

Everyone with half-a-brain cell knows that file-sharing music is tantamount to theft. It’s black & white. If you don’t own something, you have to pay for it. But this doesn’t stop millions of people the world over still doing it and Gene Simmons has spoke words of wisdom and explained where it all went wrong.

The Kissfrontman was part of the MIPCOM convention in Cannes in France last week and he blamed the music business for not being tougher on the first people to illegally download music.

Simmons declared, ‘The music industry was asleep at the wheel and they didn't have the balls to sue every fresh-faced, freckle-faced college kid who downloaded material. And so now we're left with hundreds of thousands of people without jobs. There's no industry.’

To hear a very clear explanation watch the video below, approximately 30 minutes in...

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