Kooky Idea

It appears The Kooks have had enough of music lovers doing all the taking these days and not enough of the giving back.

The British indie band have been on hiatus for a couple of years, but come May that will change with a UK tour, a UK tour with a USP. To aid their return they want their fans to suggest where they should play. The message on the band’s website reads...

‘To celebrate finishing the new record we want to get out and play a few shows in MAY, so you can hear for yourselves why we think this is our best album yet. They will be small intimate shows and will be announced only two or three days ahead of time so look out on the Facebook for more details. We have not decided on all the locations yet so what we want you to do is suggest to us where you would love to see us play in your town or city, don't worry how wild your suggestion is, we could well take you up on it!’

Make your suggest at assets.emi.com/kooks/poll.

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