Kylie buys £16 million ‘love nest’ in London

Diminutive Aussie hitmaker Kylie Minogue is moving into one of the world’s most expensive apartment blocks with her long term boyfriend, according to the daily star.

The three bedroom property is located in the middle of the exclusive Knightsbridge district and offers lush facilities such as a 21-metre swimming pool, a private cinema, saunas, gym and squash courts.

Inside sources are suggesting that the move may be the first steps in her planning to settle down and start a family with her boyfriend, model Andres Velencoso, who she has been dating since 2008. Kylie, 42, previously revealed that she does think about surrogacy and adoption. She said: ‘I would absolutely look into those options because children and family are very important to me. It's something in my mind.'

But Kylie has also recently confessed that whilst she considers retiring every time she finishes a tour she is always lured back to music. She explained: ‘Do I think of retiring? Absolutely. I say that at the end of every tour. And then something happens a few months down the line and I start thinking of songs and getting that itch. What can I say? I'm addicted.’

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